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Hungexpo Budapest: FIFA Lounge 2012

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The state-of-the-art Hungexpo infrastructure ensures a unique venue for all kind of events in Budapest. Hungexpo Fair Center is a perfect venue for transacting scientific conferences, congresses and other monumental international events. No other venue in the Hungarian market can provide such complex service, including solutions for parking, IT background, hall and event room rental. Hungexpo is a member of the French GL events group, which organizes and hosts international events on five continents of the world. The French GL Group’s international experience, which includes the organization and implementation of cultural, sport, political and business events, congresses and exhibitions, strengthens Hungexpo’s acknowledged professional background.

The multifunctionality of the venue provides the unique possiblity of setting up in Hungary a conference auditiorium with a 10.000 participants capacity. All these facilities can be found in the heart of Budapest and make the site even more attractive and defined by 36 hectare of landscaped environment which ensures a perfect set up for a remarkable type of event.

So what does Hungexpo offer for large events?

- 70.000 sqm area, with 36 hectare landscape environment
- 8 event halls ranging from 700 to 20.000 sqm
- a capacity for 250 – 15.000 people
- several conference rooms
- parking lot, bank and restaurant facilities
- on-site media and signage sale and production
- transportation, telecommunication and wired internet services
- wireless internet and use of equipment
- hostesses, interpreters
- florists, catering services
- stand building and furnishing

The list above collects a part of Hungexpo’s key survices and many more can be specially requested and tailored according to your preferences.  You can learn more about Hungexpo by reading our Hungexpo blog or reaching the following contacts:

Your contact at Hungexpo:
Anita Kristóf
Director of Event Sales
+36 (0)1 263 65 20

Your contact at tmf:
Susanne Hertenberger
Head of Content & PR
+49 (0) 931 9002 110

To learn more, you can follow this link to our blog and find recent news and facts we have published in our large event  category.


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