Unique experience in Malmö – “A slice of Swedish hospitality”

Ever wondered how it would be like to visit a new city and be able to meet and get culinary and local insights directly from locals? Most probably and, thanks to “A Slice of Swedish Hospitality”, such an exciting experience is now possible in Malmö.

Malmö gives you the chance to meet the Swedes behind the scenes during your vacation, which will share their homes and pieces of advice on how to fully enjoy traditional sights, shopping, food and local hidden treasures.

Outdoor seating at Möllevångstorget©Malmö Convention Bureau

Outdoor seating at Möllevångstorget ©Malmö Convention Bureau

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Your contact at Malmö Convention Bureau:
Christopher Johansson
Project Manager Congresses International
Phone: +46 (0)40 34 22 28
Mobile: +46 (0)709 34 22 28

Your contact at tmf dialogue marketing:
Sorina Bogdan
Content & PR
+49 (0)931 9002 104


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