Too many channels – outgrowing your resources?

Social media and e-marketing, newsroom, website, may be even screens and TV programs to fill? The ever growing complexity needs easy solutions to reach out to your target groups.

Consider the 2 main aspects for improving social media and other communication:

1) Technical and management options:

- Analyse existing communication tracks and their interconnectedness. Which news appear where in your system – how many double content do you present and why?  Which channels make sense – how can you optimise their approach and combine different products or even companies in your communication flow without ending up in a mess?

- Create a strategy for best presentation of your news (e.g. widgets instead of icons, use RSS format, pictures, blogs instead of pdfs etc.)

- Use channels and tools which are simple, practical and time-saving, like the PRISMAHUB, a webservice that organises your complete digital information flow

2) Content Expertise:

- Where do you find content, how do you curate, edit and distribute into a multiple channel environment

- Think out of the box, when it comes to PR and stories; do not only produce factual but inspiring news

- Build up trust in your audience by staying relevant and creative

- Create competitions, groups, discussions to expand and keep your channels active, exciting and attractive for followers

Combining technical and content expertise with access to target groups for best success!

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