tmf dialogue marketing launches PRISMAHUB, an innovative web-based service tool for all digital communication

The German-based marketing and pr agency tmf dialogue marketing has co-developed – together with the Dutch media production and broadcasting company EuMediaNet – a unique web-based service tool called “PRISMAHUB” to organise the complete digital information flow in the sector of destination marketing as well as in companies or agencies of other industries. This sophisticated workflow system allows the clients to manage their information research, content selection and production and the distribution of all content into various digital channels like newsrooms, blogs, websites, social media, screens, newsletters and so on. Furthermore the tool helps to initiate interaction with different audiences through a smart use of all different channels.

The PRISMAHUB web service is a software-as-a-service solution and available in licenses so that clients can work by themselves and make demands on tmf´s services if needed. tmf dialogue marketing will provide the clients with the necessary technical service and supply and offer them tailor-made solutions for every budgets. The professional team can also support in producing content for specific topics and expand the service to include additional services like playlists for TV screens, monitoring applications for social media channels or editing of videos and pictures.

For handling and curating the large quantity of information in the World Wide Web this one-stop service tool is absolutely unique and will revolutionise the digital communication. All web activities and multiple media channels of companies or agencies operating in all industrial sectors can be bundled in one tool without requiring a larger number of personnel.

Please see a short intro for the service

tmf dialogue marketing has worked for more than 20 years for different international destinations and Convention Bureaus and build their expertise on intelligent definition, research and creation of relevant content and campaigns that match the goals of their clients with the needs and expectations of the clients´ target groups.

For more information please contact Managing Director Johanna Fischer

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