On our agenda for 2014

I am excited about our agenda for this young year.  Lots of ideas, topics, trends, demands, discussions, concepts…. needing speed, creativitiy, passion and good health and spirit to be able to handle all of this! Wow, it is an ever growing challenge!

Our Experiential Planner Project in India is moving on well, the newsroom for the project presents relevant information and stories to Indian planners of experiential events. We will organise a roadshow for ECM – European Cities Marketing in summer, present interesting destinations like Berlin, Portugal, Turkey, Italy and many more in a buzzing market with lots of demand for good partners! Anyone interested in the Indian market can follow our activities in our LinkedIn group “experiential planner”.

On the European side we constantly improve our content communication system and service, I just recently spoke at EFEA conference in St. Petersburg about how important it is to get clarity and structure into any complex news organisation. To build great websites, blogs and social media accounts is one thing, but they also need to be filled regularly. Optimizing resources, editing part and channels can be achieved easily, thus  saving costs, resources and headaches  – we consult and support any organisation realising that multi-channel communication can get pretty  confusing…. The webservice PRISMAHUB is the perfect tool for this process.

Research for the 2014 mmm – MICE market monitor starts, together with IMEX Frankfurt we discuss a news approach which also will bring much additional benefit for the sponsors and those who support the research – the planners. Thank you for your continuing efforts!

tmf-connect, our new series of sales and marketing activities shared among several partners like DMCs, CVBs, hotels and other suppliers will go on a first sales blitz in March to Cologne and Düsseldorf and we look forward to sharing ideas and inspiration with planners from the region.

We have declared the topic of health management in corporations and organisations as a key theme for us. First, because it is interesting to see how our industry will react to the needs of organisations to keep their employees healthy and second, because we are convinced that incentives can be a great platform for health related offers to cater for the increasing health awareness among hard working people.

Of course we keep presenting selecting destinations, venues, hotels and DMCs to planners in Germany and Europe and look forward to all the meetings and discussions we are going to have!

Well, I guess we will hear from each other quite frequently in the months to come! Be well and I look forward to all further exchange with you out there!

I do not understand enough about social media and integrated content marketing – what to do??

Catching up with modern communication concepts requires a closer look at available options. As the creation and management of complex and integrated news streams can be very intimidating  and „techi“, decision makers in destinations often feel uncomfortable and pick sub-optimal solutions. Being a supplier of dialogue marketing service for global destinations for many years, we made it our priority to explore methods for our tourism and MICE destination clients to present key information  in smart and interactive ways and in accordance with changing behaviour patterns in how people look for relevant information. Showing competence in communciation helps establish destination brands against competitors!

Blogs for key topics like MICE, culture & events, gastronomy, culture, design and many more communicate and present dynamic information to your clients and target groups. Now who shall create the content for such „broadcasting“? That seems the biggest challenge to most – new web functionalities like ours help to organise content and integrate destination partners (hotels, DMCs, venues, airports, events  etc.) in new ways.

The content then needs to go into many channels for communication: the newsroom with it’s various segments, into the hybrid part of events, into emails, RSS, social media and and and….  this can only function in an economic way through integrated communciation concepts.

Newsrooms can carry  relevant information in different markets and through different languages – a new global approach, replacing big parts of what static websites used to be…. Destination content  teams co-create content and manage the huge streams inhouse and through outsourced experts like tmf  - we can train and support your teams  and help with content for relevant target markets.

 A new world of co-creation, sharing, integrating and opening up to mulitple information channels appears and provides solutions, you could only dream of in the past.

Tour operators, travel agents, consumers, event planers and companies search their information about destinations in those channels – be part of it!

Let us explore these new opportunities together!

Destination marketing can be so creative!

Content marketing, lesson 1:  sourcing is an art!

In order to create content you need to source information. If your content is very complex, like it is in destinations, how would you do that? A destination has so much information to offer and you have different key topics or themes that you want to cover.. let us take Gastronomy as an example: there are great chefs, new restaurants, concepts, trends, drinks and wine and many more. All this attracts a lot of interest for visitors and pulls readers to your information. Readers that find your content interesting and relevant and who come and visit your information repeatedly and finally get animated to travel to your destination.

The question is: if you do not want to spend all your /your team’s time on google, how do you source and track this information and especially, how do you then process it further to make proper blog posts, press releases and other publications in social media networks and build up communities?

After  having worked with new concepts in newsrooms and content marketing, we are by now turning into specialists for sourcing – which is really like detective work at times.  Researching sources that fit in the theme, creating lists and then using several tools to collect the news flow coming from these sources. If you do not put attention, you are swamped with information in no time. It needs committment and system to observe the sources and evaluate if they are worth to be followed – some produce interesting stuff, others produce only crap, which you would not want to serve to our readers and visitors of our social media accounts and newsrooms.

An example, again from gastronomy:

You find a great blog, describing a new chef in Mexico City. This particular chef has been Michelin Star awarded and focuses on Mexican cuisine and typical old-fashioned Mexican food supplies which he shops at farmers markets outside Mexico city. Now that concept is exciting for visitors interested in exploring Mexico’s food on a hitherto unknown level of quality. By reading about this chef, you identify links to a slow food group that describes the typical Mexican vegetables and dishes. Now these go well with Tequila. There are Tequila brands which actively promote and from there you can source a barkeeper and some recipes for drinks. And on and on.

And what do you do with all of this? You have to collect it in a system, view it and build stories from that information. The stories you can gather in a newsroom on the destination, which could present the topic of gastronomy in a dynamic, interactive and sharing way. Support the topic with social media campaigns and pool all blogs, posts, links, in a gastronomy „department“ on that newsroom.

Well. You need 5 people to just do the sourcing for one topic like that in one language – not to speak of global communication in several languages.

tmf dialogue marketing has developed a genius method to provide sourcing service.  We think content and we have a lot of fantasy, which offers opportunities that destinations are not yet making use of.

Remember: destination content marketing  can be so creative!

New service: Social media planning & content marketing workshops for DMOs

We can help you to offer a new valuable service for your organisation and your destination partners in the exciting fields of social media and content marketing!

As from August 2012 tmf dialogue marketing and Crossmint BV will offer one-day Social Media Planning & Content Marketing Workshops around the world for organisations and people working in PR, marketing & sales of DMOs, CVBs, tourist offices, PCOs, DMCs.

We will train participants how to plan for success by strategically integrating social media and content marketing in their pr-, marketing- & sales- processes in order to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience to their destination.

We would very much like to organise workshops with you for your partners on location! The model is that we agree a price per participant with you and you can determine the final fee (including your won costs) and select a venue. If we can give more than one workshop we can of course reduce the costs per visit. Participants will get a free copy of one of the latest books about social media & content marketing, worksheets and slides of the presentation.

The following subjects will be presented:

  • Social Media and Content Marketing for Destinations?
  • Mapping Present Status/Social Media Level
  • Defining online PR, Marketing and Sales Goals
  • Listening to Others: Social Media Monitoring
  • Determine ‘Tone of Voice’/Online Value Proposition
  • Setting up the Social Media Tactical Plan
  • Creating a Content Strategy & Plan
  • Focusing on the Right Content for the Right Marketing Channels
  • The Tools of Content Marketing
  • Embedding the Plan in the Organisation
  • Measuring return-on-investment and Adjusting

Workshop moderators 

Nicolaas Pereboom
Managing director of Crossmint BV, development of Destination Information & Content Marketing Web Platforms and social media services for DMOs, MICE, tourism and hospitality.


Johanna Fischer
Managing director of tmf dialogue marketing with many years of experience in the global outbound meetings and incentive markets. Speaker on MICE- and tourism-related PR content- and dialogue marketing topics and new ways of managing destination focussed news and content.

Please contact me for further information:

e-mail: j.fischer@tmf-dialogue.com, phone: +49-(0)89 330 567 75.

With best regards,

Johanna Fischer

Excited to see you at IMEX in Frankfurt next week! #imex12

So many things to get ready for IMEX! And never enough time…. This is one of the busiest periods of the year for us – and for many of you as well, I suppose. tmf dialogue marketing is – as a strategic partner of IMEX Frankfurt – involved in a lot of activities and projects around IMEX. We organise quite a few seminars, campfire and presentations around our work and for our clients  http://tmfimex.wordpress.com/events-of-our-clients-and-partners/ and we encourage you to join one or – even better – all of them. In particular the campfire and the mini seminar on content marketing is going to be very interesting! After all, we have launched a functionality for the provision of a series of new services based on a unique content marketing platform! This webservice has been particularly developed for pr and marketing purposes jointly with our co-operation partner Crossmint from Maastricht, The Netherlands. So this is exciting stuff and unmatched in the industry to date. Nicolaas will be present and will share in the seminars and many meetings! He is the one who knows it all about social media and their relevance to our business!

Our stand number is G 480 and a great part of our team will be present during all 3 days. I am particularly happy that Karishma Hundalani, our partner from India will come for the first time to Frankfurt, together with a group of corporate hosted buyers from India. She will hold a mini seminar about the Indian market and ad some findings at our big mmm – MICE market monitor presentation on Wednesday morning. It is early – at 8.30 – but worth it! You will learn about trends and some key factors in the German-speaking, European, Russian and Indian MICE markets. So you have some mature and some emerging markets covered! Olga Mugatina of R&C research, our partner from St. Petersburg in Russia is responsible for the Russian part and we are all happy that we can offer you neutral and industry-relevant information about the Russian meetings market. Of course you can order both reports, just send back the form and you will receive the pdf report. http://tmfmmm.wordpress.com/

After IMEX you will also find the executive summaries on the mmm website.

So, I hope to meet you – if in an appointment or on the isle or at one of the many events or the gala dinner! Happy IMEX and hopefully a lot of sun next week! 

tmf dialogue marketing matches new content marketing services with excellent personal contacts in key markets through a sophisticated mix of live communication, media and pr work, lead generation and sales support and state-of-the-art Web 2.0 social media marketing solutions for multi-channel content publishing.

See you on stand G480!

Social media @ IMEX 2012 – beyond Twitter, hashtags, Facebook and likes #imex12

How can destinations and congress/event organisers improve marketing, add value and save costs through new media?

Here are some suggestions for DMOs (destination marketing organisations):

  1. Train your partners (hotels, DMCs, venues etc.) on how to produce and strategize information and other content (texts, videos, photos, tweets, likes, etc.)
  2. Integrate all information and content in your destination news stream
  3. Communicate and distribute this content to your target groups
  4. Use all channels including online newsrooms and traditional email concepts
  5. Monitor dialogues, conversations and online mentions
  6. Create a continuous flow of interesting news and rich information
  7. Create added value for your target groups through dynamic news distribution
  8. Involve your partners in producing and maintaining content
  9. Allow partners to manage their own content on a central and social media enabled destination website
  10. Use online content for offline print (database publishing/web-to-print)

Nicolaas Pereboom and myself will be happy to discuss those and more options with you at IMEX! You are also invited to join either the campfire session on Tuesday at 2 pm and/or the mini seminar on content marketing in the MICE industry on Wednesday at 1.30 – here are the details: http://tmfimex.wordpress.com/events-of-our-clients-and-partners/

See you in Frankfurt next week! Visit us on stand G480.

Norway Convention Bureau: new social media newsroom in German language

We proudly present the new German-speaking social media newsroom for the MICE destination Norway! The button on the right of this text will connect you to an innovative pool of information around themes that are relevant to meetings, incentives, events and congresses in Norway. All social media sources, where Norway CVB and their destination partners are engaging with and sharing interesting news, are sourced and flow into the newsroom as one place to share this information. At the same time, the most interesting news for planners as well as press releases for media are communicated in the more traditional way, by email.

If we track online media coverage for the destination it is also displayed in the newsroom, as well as general industry news that any visitors and colleauges from our industry might find interesting.

On top all information can be shared via social networks and are distributed into various social media channels.

This is part of a new service which is offered by tmf dialogue marketing in co-operation with piranha press & pr and our partner for new media, Crossmint in Holland. Please contact us for more information – the news management service is available in multi-language and multi-market solutions and can match communication needs of tradeshows, congresses, hotelchains and any thematic groups or associations.

Use of interactive microsites for destination events in MICE and tourism

Within the new communication concept of tmf we now present some of our clients‘ destination events or famtrips on separate microsites to better channel and enhance interactive communication flow between the market and the destination /partners. The microsites pull in the local partners of the Convention Bureau attending or organising the event. They also help educate and enhance local partners‘ involvement in social media, taking information and communication to the next level.

For a successful 2.0 destination marketing concept and to ensure a steady flow of interesting destination news in social media and online it is important that both CVBs as well as their local partners get involved and produce more information. That will enable a successful management of news in social media newsrooms and in blog and news rolls.

On our new micro websites, local partners from the destination can ask questions, introduce themselves and engage planners in a new way, thus involving and inspiring the planners during all stages pre- during and post event.

The tmf and – soon to come – client destinations‘ social media newsrooms accompany the concept through a steady flow of pictures, tweets, press releases and other updates.

See all news online at http://2014.tmf-dialogue.net/newsroom/

and check the first microsite for the upcoming Norway events in Germany, April 17 and 18 in Munich and Hamburg at http://tmfnorway.wordpress.com/


Launching a lot of news!

We are happy to present a different and new approach to destination marketing and best practise! A new interactive website, new products for market research, events and famtrips and a super innovative concept for the structured management of destination news. Well, we were quite busy here lately but now we can move forward and present both our destination clients as well as meeting planners and media with a bunch of fun and new projects and campaigns.

As it is all based on interactivity that is what we ask you for: be interactive and open to what we are going to present to you! Step by step we will jointly accomplish to integrate all these new channels into our daily work and enjoy the new experience and growth that they allow! We take you there, follow us!

To all planners working with tmf dialogue marketing:

Please have a look at the newsroom– it will be your super tool for all kinds of research. We provide you with information around our destinations, the market and on projects on an ongoing basis. For projects like the annual mmm – mice market monitor (which is supported by IMEX Frankfurt and will be presented there) or destination workshops you will be provided with a separate microsite, which keeps you informed about the project and allow you to communicate with the participants from the destination or with other partners of the project.

To media, bloggers and other opinion leaders:

We look forward to our intensified co-operation! Whatever you need, let us know, we will be happy to develop and integrate any good ideas!

To destination marketing organisations and other related suppliers, dear tmf clients:

Let us inspire you with a new way to operate projects and interact with the market and opinion leaders. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you!