I do not understand enough about social media and integrated content marketing – what to do??

Catching up with modern communication concepts requires a closer look at available options. As the creation and management of complex and integrated news streams can be very intimidating  and „techi“, decision makers in destinations often feel uncomfortable and pick sub-optimal solutions. Being a supplier of dialogue marketing service for global destinations for many years, we made it our priority to explore methods for our tourism and MICE destination clients to present key information  in smart and interactive ways and in accordance with changing behaviour patterns in how people look for relevant information. Showing competence in communciation helps establish destination brands against competitors!

Blogs for key topics like MICE, culture & events, gastronomy, culture, design and many more communicate and present dynamic information to your clients and target groups. Now who shall create the content for such „broadcasting“? That seems the biggest challenge to most – new web functionalities like ours help to organise content and integrate destination partners (hotels, DMCs, venues, airports, events  etc.) in new ways.

The content then needs to go into many channels for communication: the newsroom with it’s various segments, into the hybrid part of events, into emails, RSS, social media and and and….  this can only function in an economic way through integrated communciation concepts.

Newsrooms can carry  relevant information in different markets and through different languages – a new global approach, replacing big parts of what static websites used to be…. Destination content  teams co-create content and manage the huge streams inhouse and through outsourced experts like tmf  - we can train and support your teams  and help with content for relevant target markets.

 A new world of co-creation, sharing, integrating and opening up to mulitple information channels appears and provides solutions, you could only dream of in the past.

Tour operators, travel agents, consumers, event planers and companies search their information about destinations in those channels – be part of it!

Let us explore these new opportunities together!

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