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We see more and more blogs and digital news coming up on the websites of destinations, venues and suppliers for the meetings industry and for leisure. That is great and a good development. The big question is – does what is written there really reach out to the target groups and the planners in the meetings industry? Do the stories help to market the destination better by casting that magic spell that can initiate business?

I think that most efforts really still are in their very infancies. basically it is the same information as ever, just now published in a blog instead of the former static pdf formate on the website. Information presented is factual rather than story-driven, it is not networked, there is no curation and re-distribution of interesting information around the destination or topic.No use of other sources with great content.

Destination Content Marketing

Destination Content Marketing

Also, what does it help if a destination involves travel bloggers to create a MICE campaign? What does a travel blogger understand about the needs of a meeting planner? Nothing I guess…. the only relevant content producers in such a campaign can be experts or the meeting planners themselves…

It takes quite some trial (and error) to create concepts which can bring planners and organisers into a destination and ensure they have both interesting things to tell as well as the right pre-conditions and help to do so in social channels.

When organisers or meeting planners report and post about their own experiences this is very interesting to their colleagues in the industry. By sharing news in the whole network of the planners’ own communities and the destination’s channels, information really spreads out well. Blog posts about such programs rank number 1 in open rates in our weekly newsletters and in the newsroom!

Ask us for more – we will be happy to design a great campaign for you! In the meeting space, for tour operators presenting their different products, for destinations creating communication networks and online pr approach.


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