About Us


tmf’s expertise builds on intelligent definition, research and creation of specific content and campaigns that match the needs and expectations of media and trade in the tourism and meetings industry

tmf dialogue marketing is based in Germany (Würzburg) and India (Gurgaon and Mumbai).

+ founders German company (1993): Johanna and Alfred Fischer (Managing Directors); founders Indian company (2011):  Vishal Nagdev, Karishma Hundalani, Johanna and Alfred Fischer

+ background in tourism, MICE, PR, communication and publishing (India)

+ our working concept builds on content driven marketing and pr campaigns, creation and management of client related themed news and on excellent industry relations databanks.

+ latest technology integrates multi-sources and multi-channels solutions in social media/web 2.0 (for a perfect online, offline and real-time news management).

+ multilingual team and extensive global partnership network

+ ICCA membership

-> See the tmf/piranha company profile here.

Our team

Johanna Fischer Alfred Fischer Susanne Hertenberger
Johanna Fischer
Managing Director
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 115
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Alfred Fischer
Managing Director
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 112
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Susanne Hertenberger
Head of Content & PR
On maternity leave

Ulrike Kiesel Melanie Strobl Bianca Ruckert

Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager
Content & PR
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 114
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Melanie Strobl
Project Manager
Live Communication
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 101
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Bianca Ruckert
Research Manager
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 103
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Sorina Bodgan Miriam Käser
Sorina Bodgan
Assistant Content & PR
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 104
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Mirim Käser
Team Assistant
Tel +49 (0)931 9002 102
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